Our Company was founded in 1991 as a family-business. In the beginning the company had a small range of products but after a few years of intensive growth we became market leader in the field of school-furnitures. In connection with this we’ve been started other business branches. Today we are one of the leading furniture manufacturer in Hungary. We employ more than 130 co-workers through our manufacturing and trading activities. Our offices and more 15.000 m2 factory are based in Zsámbék.


Our company's official quality policy focuses on the full fulfillment of the level of demand determined by customer needs, to which it subordinates the entire design, production and inspection process, including the administration of commercial service. Since 2003 our quality system had been qualified according to the requirements of the EN ISO 9001 and since 2015 we have integrated the requirements of the EN ISO 14001 and MSZ 28001 norms into our managment system, in order to focusing also to the issues of enviroment protection and occupational health and safety.