Don't like to choose before you give a trial? You can try hundreds of our School- and preschool- and HORECA furniture in our 300 m² showroom, you just need to book a date. In our showroom you can check all the available material and color-scale of the tabletops, tubes, wooden and fabric elements It’s a good oppurtunity to get ideas to your project. We are looking forward to meet You at our showroom.


We provide a full service, from design and manufacturing through to implementation and aftercare. We have been in operation since 1999 and employ a workforce of approximately 150 people. Our wide range of manufacturing skills includes metal working, surface treatment and epoxy painting, carpentry works, upholstery works and assembly works.


In the domestic market we can provide delivering service with our own trucks and our team can help you to place the furniture items at the final spot of use. For the export deliveries we can help you to arrange the transport and our prices are always contains the cost of the loading on truck. We place great emphasis on proper packaging of the products in order to avoid any damages.


We work together with our customers to carefully plan and shape the best solution in consultation with environmental conditions and functional needs. We can provide visualization about the space to be furnished. Our experience allows to help you to find the ideal materials, layout and colors of the furnishing Please contact with us if you need any help to create your ideal furnishing plan.